Crystal Photo Blocks – A Personalised Alternative to Traditional Wedding Favours

Turn your favorite photos into stunning frames with the new crystal photo frame. This high tech photo framing system allows you to choose from a variety of photo formats and personalize them according to your unique photo styles. This high-tech photo frame also makes printing your photos simply because you can simply utilize the included digital photo card for an easy online print.

The most exciting thing about this stunning crystal photo holder is that you can have several portrait formats right on one photo block so that you can create a custom photo block to fit your unique photo styles. You can also use the included silver luminous base to create a vintage look or a modern look. Just use your favorite photo to transform it into a personalized photo frame. Just insert the crystal photo block inside a standard gift box and you can now give you loved ones a beautiful memory that’s worth keeping.

If you want a different way to present your photos this holiday season, try giving a custom photo crystal frame. These eye-catching crystal photo holders are perfect for any event like dinner parties, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Sweet 16 and whatever special occasion you can think of. They come in an endless variety of styles that can be personalized to your liking. For instance, you can get a gold or silver luminous base, light up your photo crystal photo block, and then insert a standard photo card or address label for a more personal touch.

If you want to keep the meaning of your gift a secret, add a lovely piece of personalized tissue paper with a heart inside. Use your crystal photo frame as a scrapbook marker and write your name in permanent ink for a keepsake that’s truly a treasure! Another creative idea is to make an invitation using your personalized photo block and a blank invitation card. You could also make a CD with all your photos printed on a heavy gold background with a laser engrave option so your guests can flip through each photo to find one they want to hear about your big day!

To save even more money, why not purchase your favourite picture and make your own luminous base and light up your photo using your own photograph. With the help of a digital camera, you’ll be able to take a picture of your luminous base (made out of a thick piece of card or other craft material) and then use that as a guide for your luminous base. After your photo is completed, place it inside an empty clear acrylic photo box and then add some tissue paper and labels for an extra personal touch. Finally, add your favourite poem or quote and attach a tag that says “From the Artist – Karen”. When you’re finished, simply pop your luminous base into the mail and your photo will be on its way to someone who just can’t wait to see it!

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, you could create a collage using your favourite pictures. Simply use an old card and write down your favourite pictures as they happen to present themselves to you and then arrange them in whatever way you like. Then, use a long piece of fine card and write down your message on one side and your collage artwork on the other. Wrap this in a clear acrylic photo block and your gift is ready to mail!