How to Repair a Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart is an enchanting background object that drops an enchanted Life Crystal to break with a pickax, hammer, or explosives. While they’re relatively rare, Crystal Hearts is found naturally placed underground, within the Underground, and throughout the world. They are also found in chests. Their beauty is their only flaw – they are a permanent source of Life Energy and must be repaired, lest they revert back to their crystallized state.

Unlike other heart objects, the Crystal Heart will never disappear unless its owner dies. They are unique among hearts because the item they drop contains a special icon that can be used by other players to find and return to its owner. The icon consists of a glowing white star floating above the heart’s center, surrounded by eight smaller stars.

To repair the Crystal Heart, you must first find and activate its icon, then place the Life Crystal inside it. You can do this by either choosing “Craft” from the item menu (or by clicking on the “Craft Crystal Heart” button), or by going into a Crafting Zone, such as an auction house or the City State Merchant. To repair the Heart, you must first have the Life Crystal inside. Next, you must choose the Repair option of the Crystal Heart icon.

To repair a Crystal Heart, you must place the crystal inside of it and then place the Life Crystal in the Heart. It must be positioned just in front of the crystal. If you are repairing a Heart that is not yet equipped, it will not work. If you are unable to successfully complete this process, you will have to wait until you do equip the Heart before it can be repaired.

Repairing a Heart takes time and requires a great deal of patience. Once the Heart has been repaired, it can’t be picked up again, so you’ll have to take it to the surface area where you got it. There, it can be retrieved from the chest or placed inside a chest to be repaired again. Repairing the Heart will drop two items: a small amount of Stamina and a Soul Gemstone. Stamina can be used to increase your stamina level, and the Soul Gemstone can be used to restore lost health. The Stamina and Soul Gemstone will also be used to restore your Life Energy if you were to run out of energy.

The Crystal Heart will need repairs only a few times before it becomes completely inert. After this time has passed, you can return to where you first obtained it and use the icon on another heart. This makes it one of the few heart objects that don’t require recharging. If you’ve ever repaired the Heart before it becomes inert, you’ll know that hearts are good candidates for recycling. Once your Heart becomes inert, the icon stays inactive on a different heart, it cannot be used on another heart.