The Evolution of Crystal Key Chain Decorations

crystal keychain is an excellent way to add a bit of personal flair to your basic key package. You can get them engraved with personal messages or dates that you may want to remember. These are very affordable ways to make a personalized gift for yourself or as a gift for someone else. From cut crystal to perfectly shaped gemstones, crystal keychain designs come in all shapes and sizes. They can even contain real teardrop-shaped glass chunks, tiny crystal pebbles, or clear versions of popular designs like skulls, flowers, angels, hearts, and butterflies. These are just a few examples of the types of crystal keychain charms available!

Rhinestone crystal keychain charm bracelets are a popular choice. These bracelets feature crystal versions of animals – including dogs and cats and other animals of royalty. There are also crystal keychain necklaces, and crystal bookmarks that feature popular symbols. These decorative crystal jewelry items are simple yet appealing. And, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – including animal-shaped necklaces, earrings, and anklets. All of these are great ways to add that special touch of glam to your wardrobe.

As for sizes of crystal keychain charms and crystal key chains, they’re available in single-sided (also called “triple-sided” or “double-sided”) discs, which look just like regular key chains but have one side shorter than the other. They come in a variety of sizes and are often packaged with personalized stickers, charms, and other accessories. Some of the popular double-sided disc key chains include:

One-sided crystal keychain charms are available in various sizes, as well. Some are single-sided discs that are about twice as long as they are wide. Other crystal keychain charms are in the shape of animals, including koalas, elephants, and fish. And there are crystal key chains with flowers on each side, which provide a soft contrast to the more striking crystals used to make the other side. They come in a variety of colors, making them suitable for any occasion.

When looking for a party favor to give at a baby shower, a baby key chain would be a perfect item to use. Because they can easily fit into a purse or pocket, they won’t take up much room. And because many of the tiny crystals can be removed without damaging the object they are affixed too, they offer a level of versatility not afforded by other favor options. For example, it’s entirely possible to remove the baby key chain from a necklace, bracelet, or earring without permanently altering or destroying the object itself. Many other objects won’t be so easy to do.

Crystal key chains have long been used to celebrate milestones, such as babies’ births or weddings. They’re also used to show affection for a spouse, friend, or family member. They can be worn as an ornament, as jewelry, or as a gift. Whatever function they’re meant for, crystal key chains have definitely evolved.